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Welcome to, the site for free web site hit counters, visitor counters, shopper counters.

Whatever you like to call them, get your FREE web site counter here... It's super easy.

Choose between 2 different styles of counters.

Font Based - Match the exact look and feel of your current site design ! Pick the font style & size. Then pick the exact foreground and background colors. Use the color picker to help with the color values. Don't forget the starting count. You do not have to start your counter at zero.

Image Based - Pick the counter style you like and number for the counter to start with.

Copy the code and paste it on your website where you would like the counter to appear.

Our web site hit counters are 100% FREE of any cost, no signups, no emails, no logins. The code used does provide an html link back to us, so please try it out and start counting the visitors to your website.

Font Based Counter
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Image Based Counter
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